About Sarah

Hello, I’m Sarah. I want to thank you for your interest in my blog and taking the time to read this. You may want to know what “qualifies” me to give you advice. Well, honestly, nothing. I could tell you I have a B.A in psychology and a minor in English. Or, I could tell you I have been practicing Energy Therapy for almost a decade now. Or, I could mention that I self-published a fiction E-book. I could even tell you about all of my failed relationships, the tragic moments in my life such as the separation(s) of my family, or that I now have a self-created family (i.e. husband and child).

But, I am not going to do that. Wait…I kind of just did, didn’t I? Oops. Well, my point is I believe we ALL have our moments we can be proud of, and moments we would like to forget. In these experiences and the fountain of knowledge we have acquired, we can all give at least someone out there, decent advice.

I am not here to just give you advice though, I think my greatest asset is to give you a mirror of yourself—to help you become more aware and cultivate your sensitive and seeking attributes. My goal is to also share with you the techniques that I have found to be extremely helpful in this cultivation.

So yes, I could be called an energy therapist, author, coach, mentor, artist, writer, a homemaker, (currently at home with my 1-year-old) or now, a blogger and entrepreneur. But, what I most resonate with is a “Sensi-Seeker.” Read about what exactly this is in one of my blog posts, here.

My Vision for the Rise Above Living Community

My entire life, my main drive was to always help people. I think this was so strong because I have carried a lot of pain, even as a child. As a sensitive person, I not only had my own issues to deal with, but I also picked up on the pain of everyone else around me. Being a child, growing up in a large dysfunctional family, well, it became very emotionally daunting at times.

Feeling this deep pain, and being an em-path, I didn’t want anyone else having to feel this way, or at the very least, wanted them to be able to find ways to get out of it. One of my main ways I have learned is delving into the seeking journey—finding peace within and a greater meaning for life.

This is my hope for this community—that you not only find ways of dealing with your sensitivity in a healthy manner, but that you also rise above just surviving and start making your life into something meaningful. This could show up in many ways but, whatever way it does, just remember that it is special, unique and very important.

Also, please take whatever piece of gold you may have gotten from this site, and from your own life, and spread it to those you love. Share with each other and anyone else that has been lucky enough to be touched by your heart. Being a positive example is the best way you can create more peace in this world. And for us sensies, we crave this most.

Love and peace, from your fellow; teacher, student, sensi-seker, and visionary,


Freedom Awaits...

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